New release: New Chapters

New release form John Bennett and John Laidler.

Audio postcards from Eastern Europe, 1990.


A new release from JoyShell


New album from Bennett and Laidler

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For your Jacques Cousteau video


ReaDelay not working? Check this.

I’m working on a number of Reaper projects for a feature film, split into separate episodes.

In one project I created a preset in ReaDelay to give me a four-tap delay, with the length of delay increasing over the four taps. When I tried to use this preset in another of the projects, it didn’t work: I couldn’t hear any repeats.

After some time scratching my head I realised that the delays were set as quarter notes, and the BPM of the project was set to … 1. I don’t know how that happened, but clearly any delays will sound way too late.

Solution is to switch to specifying milliseconds instead of delay in the plugin settings, or, if it doesn’t screw with your sounds (I guess only MIDI data?) set the project BPM to something sensible.

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IceBenders “no demographic”

The new album from IceBenders is officially released 31 August 2018.

The album can be streamed on Bandcamp.


New release from African Village: “Tum Tum”

Tum Tum CD cover 400pThis collection of traditional Ghanaian songs is a unique collaboration between Moro (from the north, Volta region) and Alex (from the south, Accra).

Moro makes and plays the local wooden xylophone, called gyil.

Recorded and mixed at CutSnake.


Paul Mbenna and the Okapi Guitar Band: “Swahili Boogaloo”

swahili boogaloo cover 250



Frustrated fan writes…

Dear Independent Band,

When I heard your music streaming somewhere, I enjoyed it very much, and resolved to buy your CD, if you had released one.

I googled up your website, but, alas!, it was naught but a Facebook page, and insisted I must log in to view it.

I am, for my sins, a Facebook denier, and could not be expected to overthrow my conviction of many years, even under the influence of this flare of enthusiasm.

Perhaps I will try again to locate your CD (if you have one) or even a download site. Perhaps.


IceBenders “Everything You Know Could Be Wrong”

Finally a new IceBenders release. All on Bandcamp.

CD cover 300p