About CutSnake Studio

CutSnake is a small, one-room home/project recording studio under the flight path at St Peters.

The operating principles are love of music, DIY experimentation, spend time before money, and have fun.

CutSnake has a special interest in African music, especially African guitar music.

Current projects

Tracking second EP from the IceBenders Calamari Astronaut.

Mixing debut EP from the Twisted Sandshoe Band.

Tracking with Paul Mbenna and Craig Tudman: Swahili songs.

Past projects

IceBenders debut EP That Never Works.

Okapi Guitar Band new studio album, Plenty.

Documentary video with Jo Morgan: Nabokov’s Lolita Riddle.

Okapi Guitars Live@CutSnake. Recorded live in the studio.

Karifi (Ghanaian drumming group), supplementary recording for Gome CD.

Found poems in the shape of a piano John Bennett & John Laidler


CutSnake uses SONAR for digital recording.

Some microphones we have:
Shure SM57 (x2)
Shure SM7b
Sennheiser 441-U
AKG D112
Electrovoice RE-20
Oktava MK219 and MK319, some with mods.
Kel HM-1 and HM-2D
Heil PR-40
Rode NT3
Karma K6 ribbon
t-bone RM700 ribbons, with mods
CAD M179
CAD Trion 7000 ribbon
etc. Over 50 microphones.


“Producing your album at CutSnake will become one of the greatest experiences of your life. Professionally, John’s creative genius combined with incredible technical ability will maximize your musical potential and catapult your project into the realm of epic. Aesthetically, the idyllic setting of CutSnake will capture your heart and call the music from your very soul like you’ve never seen before. There is simply no better place on earth more technically and artistically suited to produce your album than CutSnake.”
(actual Windham Hill promotional text, appropriated)



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