Analogue and digital (slight return)

Tape is a more natural way to record than digital technology. Yes, if you think that suspending a zillion little magnetic rust particles in plastic and then telling them how to line up as they get dragged past an electromagnet, which has to be fed by a high-level supersonic signal just so the audio doesnÂ’t sound like a buzzsaw, is totally natural.

But does anybody really use the “natural” argument?


Where ya been?

Yes, a long time between posts.

Some of that time I’ve been travelling in the USA: New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami.

I saw bands, and recorded some of them on my newly acquired Tascam DR-08.

Stay tuned for some highlights: the Funk Brothers, Tito Puente Jr, the Sun Ra Arkestra, and the TBC Brass Band. Sure, just as soon as I get busy on the DAW editing the rough live recordings into deliciously polished nuggets of audio niceness.