Okapi Guitars live in the studio


We spent a Sunday afternoon at the end of August recording the 50 minute set we were preparing for CoastFest. All first takes, except for Kambiri: I accidentally deleted the first version while shuffling template files around in SONAR, so we had to do it again.

We didn’t have enough inputs to record the vocals simultaneously, so had to overdub them later.
We went off to CoastFest. It was wet and cold. Both Bernhard and I ended up losing our voices for days, and being unable to hit the notes we wanted for some weeks. So that slowed things down a little.

I used a quick and dirty drum recording setup, based on the Glyn Johns’ three mic technique, using both of my newly acquired Oktava condensers (an MK219 and MK319) and a Chinese tube mic out front of the bass drum. (Chris had brought along his ‘recording’ bass drum, which doesn’t have a hole in the front skin.) The tube mic wasn’t much chop, so most of the drum sound comes from the two condensers. Not bad, though.

Bernhard’s amp, the JC120, was miced with a CAD M179. He thinks it sounds very good. My little Behringer amp had the CAD Trion ribbon on it. Interesting, but maybe a bit too much room sound from the figure-8.

We’re giving it away for the next few weeks. Just go to the OG website and drop us a line if you want a copy.

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