Inside the Karma K6

Karma K6 under the hood

On Friday while recording some percussion with Chris I knocked over the mic stand holding my Karma K6 powered ribbon microphone.

It didn’t seem to hit the floor very hard, but the angle was such as to knock the head case off. A-ha! Now we see what’s inside!

The corrugated ribbon is about half a centimetre wide and 4 cms long. There’s a heap of mesh shielding, both on the headcase and covering the ribbon motor.

The two protective mesh panels over the ribbon are held in place by the long black clips you can see in the photo. When I took these off the mesh (presumably some sort of aluminium?) falls away.

Looking at the ribbon, I think it’s sagging. Common problem with generic Chinese-made ribbon mics. I corrected a slack ribbon on one of my t-bone RM700s. Guess I should have a go at this one too. But I’m a bit surprised that Karma’s quality control didn’t catch this. Then again, maybe it’s a result of the drop?

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