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Kizungu 3: new song

Here’s a song from our semi-acoustic side project, Kizungu 3. Nhemamusasa -Kizungu 3 A Zimbabwean mbira song we learnt from Noble Mashawa, with a local lyrical twist.


A cut snake gathers no moss

Ah, the months have slipped past. What’s been going down at Cut Snake? At the end of January the senior members of Okapi Guitars recorded a handful of [..]


Karifi “Gome” CD

I did a little recording for this CD back in November 2008, mostly additional drums and vocals. Most of the work was done by Craig Tudman at Lorikeet [..]


Some new gear

I’ve just returned from a trip to California and Mexico. I sought out musical gear shops in various cities, but didn’t completely fulfil my dreams of bringing home [..]


ART MPA voltage supply hack

If you hang around some of the home studio discussion boards, such as Gearslutz or TapeOp, you’ll see lots of discussion of low-end (i.e. affordable) home studio gear [..]


Going Down Swinging

A track JB and I recorded last year has been included in the latest issue of Going Down Swinging, a poetry/spoken word book+CD. Our piece, Piano Man – [..]


Music video

Rejected by SoundKILDA Music Video Festival, we join the globalised Salon des Refus├ęs at YouTube: Okapi Guitars: Repent.


Little things

No major happenings at CutSnake lately. Video work with John Bennett continues. In particular we’re working on a mini-documentary of Erik Satie to be completed before John goes [..]


Inside the Karma K6

On Friday while recording some percussion with Chris I knocked over the mic stand holding my Karma K6 powered ribbon microphone. It didn’t seem to hit the floor [..]


Glenn Gould

Thanks to John Bennett, I’ve taken an interest in Glenn Gould’s approach to recording. From 1966, The Prospects of Recording.