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A cut snake gathers no moss

Ah, the months have slipped past. What’s been going down at Cut Snake? At the end of January the senior members of Okapi Guitars recorded a handful of [..]


Karifi “Gome” CD

I did a little recording for this CD back in November 2008, mostly additional drums and vocals. Most of the work was done by Craig Tudman at Lorikeet [..]


Some new gear

I’ve just returned from a trip to California and Mexico. I sought out musical gear shops in various cities, but didn’t completely fulfil my dreams of bringing home [..]


ART MPA voltage supply hack

If you hang around some of the home studio discussion boards, such as Gearslutz or TapeOp, you’ll see lots of discussion of low-end (i.e. affordable) home studio gear [..]


Going Down Swinging

A track JB and I recorded last year has been included in the latest issue of Going Down Swinging, a poetry/spoken word book+CD. Our piece, Piano Man – [..]


Music video

Rejected by SoundKILDA Music Video Festival, we join the globalised Salon des Refus├ęs at YouTube: Okapi Guitars: Repent.


Little things

No major happenings at CutSnake lately. Video work with John Bennett continues. In particular we’re working on a mini-documentary of Erik Satie to be completed before John goes [..]


Inside the Karma K6

On Friday while recording some percussion with Chris I knocked over the mic stand holding my Karma K6 powered ribbon microphone. It didn’t seem to hit the floor [..]


Glenn Gould

Thanks to John Bennett, I’ve taken an interest in Glenn Gould’s approach to recording. From 1966, The Prospects of Recording.


“We’re dedicated to sound quality in this studio.”

Dipping in and out of Louise Meintjes book Sound of Africa: making music Zulu in a South African studio. p. 144 July 1989 Alton Ngubane and his band [..]