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Frustrated fan writes…

Dear Independent Band, When I heard your music streaming somewhere, I enjoyed it very much, and resolved to buy your CD, if you had released one. I googled [..]


Sam Derchie “Nsubeto”

A song in the classic highlife style of the African Brothers (a band Sam played in while in Ghana). Lead vocals, trumpet, and extra percussion recorded at [..]


Paul Mbenna and the Lorikeet Orchestra

We did Paul’s vocals for this track here at CutSnake, and I was also involved in the cover design. CD Baby


IceBenders EP “That Never Works”

Drums, bass, and pedal steel. Available on Bandcamp.


Travel report #2: Sun Ra Arkestra

Sun Ra Arkestra, Philadelphia, June 25 2011. Audio recording: Love in Outer Space (mp3).


Analogue and digital (slight return)

Tape is a more natural way to record than digital technology. Yes, if you think that suspending a zillion little magnetic rust particles in plastic and then telling [..]


Travel report #1: TBC Brass Band

The TBC (To Be Continued) Brass Band at the Blue Nile in Frenchmen St, New Orleans, July 10 2011. Audio recording: Why You Worried ‘Bout Me? (mp3). ——————————————–


Where ya been?

Yes, a long time between posts. Some of that time I’ve been travelling in the USA: New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami. I saw bands, and [..]


Wild West: Scratch Another Day (Selected Recordings 1980-1981)

It’s taken a while for this album to become available. Mastered at CutSnake in December 2009. Lots of history…


Analogue and digital

The attraction of tape and vinyl puzzles me. I’ve recorded to tape, and we had 4- and 8-track machines in the studio during the eighties. They were expensive [..]