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New album from Bennett and Laidler

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For your Jacques Cousteau video


ReaDelay not working? Check this.

I’m working on a number of Reaper projects for a feature film, split into separate episodes. In one project I created a preset in ReaDelay to give me [..]

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IceBenders “no demographic”

The new album from IceBenders is officially released 31 August 2018. The album can be streamed on Bandcamp.


Frustrated fan writes…

Dear Independent Band, When I heard your music streaming somewhere, I enjoyed it very much, and resolved to buy your CD, if you had released one. I googled [..]


Sam Derchie “Nsubeto”

A song in the classic highlife style of the African Brothers (a band Sam played in while in Ghana). Lead vocals, trumpet, and extra percussion recorded at [..]


Paul Mbenna and the Lorikeet Orchestra

We did Paul’s vocals for this track here at CutSnake, and I was also involved in the cover design. CD Baby


IceBenders EP “That Never Works”

Drums, bass, and pedal steel. Available on Bandcamp.


Travel report #2: Sun Ra Arkestra

Sun Ra Arkestra, Philadelphia, June 25 2011. Audio recording: Love in Outer Space (mp3).


Analogue and digital (slight return)

Tape is a more natural way to record than digital technology. Yes, if you think that suspending a zillion little magnetic rust particles in plastic and then telling [..]